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JJ & Friends is designed to acquaint young children with a range of issues, including academic and social lessons using Caribbean culture, local idioms and Caribbean music, to make the learning experience more appealing. In addition to the traditional academic subjects (math, science and languages), a great deal of attention is directed towards teaching culture and history. Each episode features a specific theme such as friendship, teamwork, sharing, manners, punctuality or self-esteem. Also included are segments featuring local story tellers and story books, math activities, art, sports, music, dance sequences, science experiments, study tips and environmental awareness. We are also very proud to offer you a range of age-appropriate products that will help develop those academic areas where your child may even display strong uncertainties. Review our testimonials below and see how our educational products and our TV series have impacted the lives of children to date! JJ and Friends are now bringing you the best educational products from around the world. Our products are catered to make the learning and teaching process easier and more enjoyable for both students and teachers. From amazing classroom decorations and manipulatives to the best educational toys and school supplies.

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